Harrowing Arctic is a Cortex Roleplay Map developed by Thrikodias

Harrowing Arctic



Map Dimensions:


Suggested Roleplay:

Science Fiction





Map & Engine Versions:

Cortex v2.1.0

Map v4.4

Arcade Summary Edit

"Completly devoiding of any description what so ever!"

Overview Edit

The Harrowing Arctic as it says, is a snowy landscape. In the middle of the map there is what seems to be a temple of some sort, bottom left shows a dark area, possible for alien or dark ritual based roleplays. At bottom right there is 1 large indoor area for players to outfit them. There is also a few possible bases at top left and 1 large base at top right.

It also has a place near bottom right that is orange, or what seems to be lava in the map. Though it can be seen as a ancient temple. And a large area in mid-west region.

Harrowing Arctic

Map View

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