Megalopolis is a map made by Snivs and Adonminus, released on April 27 2016 in beta. It contains all standard dependencies and extensions for cortex maps except for fantasy units (that are not a part of the Warcraft set of dependencies). The map is about 80% city, 15% interiors and 5% a small green stretch including farmland and forest. The most prominent features are an airport in the top left corner, an industrial facility with storage and a port to the north, and a construction zone to the south just above the interiors.

Megalopolis breaks a general tradition of cortex maps leaving plentiful space for base building by adding doodads and unselectable models to nearly every part of the map, as well as a half-dozen controllable gates and excluding a few interiors. However, many find the detail quality of the map redeems or replaces this factor, and it has managed to become one of the top played maps in cortex pubs. The primary complaints regarding the map are the almost exclusively human nature of the map and the restricting nature of an exclusively city-oriented map.

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