A Settlement on Melgenyavik.


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Map Dimensions:


Suggested Roleplay:

Science Fiction





Forge Mod

Cortex Expansion Project

Map & Engine Versions:

Map Version 1.20

Melgenyavik is a Cortex map made by Shefford.

Arcade SummaryEdit

"Melgenyaevik is a former holding of the Timosi Republic and was abandoned prior to the Timosi War of 2185 A.F. It has yet to be reclaimed."


Melgenyavik is a dusty, barren planet that has settlements located in the north, the southwest, and the middle of the map. A forest can be found in the east, along with a wide river that runs through the landscape. Hills and cliffs are prominent in the area, including a maze of rock in the west and a large trench found in the northwest.

There are multiple indoors areas situated in the southeast of the map, including a bar area. Players can outfit the rooms in any way they please.


Melgenyavik's map.



  • There are actually three versions of this map available. In addition to the default map, there is a Wings of Liberty-only version, and there is also a "lite" version, which has the gamesetup feature from Forge removed.

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