Look, noobs. This issue has been a scourge to Cortex for a long time and those are trolls. They use argumentum ad populum to many people who are willing to follow them and their ludicrous actions against the God of all things. So this page is here to help you buffoons out. This page is for the sake of your enjoyment in the game and not for elitist barbaric idiots. And now,lets proceed to the list down below.

The List Edit

  1. LeGoldFish
  2. Sterilizer
  3. Jevvishwomen
  4. Soy Boy
  5. Breadinator
  6. ArenaStorm
  7. Literally all of the Cortex clans

And that's basically it, scrubs. Now that you're aware of them, here is how we deal with them.

Tips Edit

  1. When you see any of them in your lobbies if you're a host,immediately kick them before starting the game.
  2. If you fail to kick them before starting the game, kick them when the game has started.